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Archeia - Lady Patience

Sandalphon's feminine counterpart, the Shekinah, is one of the least known of the Archeia, and I found her very difficult to access! When I asked Sandalphon why I was having difficulty finding her and in sensing her and her duties, he seemed amused. I wondered, as I had searched all around me and not found her, if she was within me. He advised me that if I had not found what I sought by looking about me, then perhaps I needed to look elsewhere! Later I changed my focus, and suddenly there she was by my side. I had a strong sense of infinite patience - of her waiting, calmly and serenely: not making herself obviously known, and yet not making it difficult to find her. She simply stood with her hands clasped and folded together in front of her, waiting to be noticed; waiting to be acknowledged. And then, when she knows that I am aware of her and when she is acknowledged, she unclasps her hands, arranges her skirts and sits. And again waits. She volunteers no information, simply waits for me to sense what I may and question her as I need. Her name is apt - she does seem eternally patient, with an air of calmness, as if the passage of time is immaterial - she simply exists in peace and serenity, as you might picture a Buddhist monk in meditation. It seems that it is not for her to make herself known to us, but for us to discover her in our own time, and then to ask our questions and realise for ourselves what she can do and how she can help us. And then when we are ready and the time is right she will supply us with the help we need. It is not pressed or forced upon us; nor is it withheld from us - it is simply there for us when we reach for it and at the time we are ready for it. She told me this about that which is called "Shekinah":

"I am the womb for your consciousness, for your Divine spark that is part of Source, a part of the Creator. "Shekhinah" has been given many interpretations. It has been described as the feminine aspect of God. It has been described as a vessel for Divine Source. And it is as a vessel I come. If you are able to accept that your True Self, your True consciousness, is a part of God, and that Spirit in its originality is of the masculine polarity, then it might make sense that I am required as a feminine aspect to hold the male aspect within, in order that you may acknowledge and access Source. I birth Spirit into form in order that you may truly understand and acknowledge that you are a part of God. Sandalphon as the masculine aspect of self could not hold your consciousness, for it requires the feminine aspect to do so. Which is why it is that I surround and enclose you, and you experience all that Sandalphon knows and experiences through me, even though you can experience his reality in the instant in which he experiences it, because of the holographic nature of the energy within the vessel."

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