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Prayer for DNA and Linage Release

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

I Release any family history and DNA challenges that no longer serve me or anyone in my lineage.

I send back all energy and information for any and all DNA-related dysfunction or disease back to Source.

I place any victim-mode mentality and frequencies in the hands of spirit and open my heart to accepty the details of any and all Akashic Records and soul contracts affecting me in the past, present and the future timelines.

I shift my attention to release fear and send home the feel-centered emotions held within me, plus I request genetic healing from past to present to future.

I humbly offer the release and healing through all time-space continuums, to generations before me as well as after me.

My preayer offers them the chance to release this issue, if they so choose, in their next incoming incarnation with no conditions attached.

I am no longer bound by this. I let go of any possessive holds to this, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

I lift my thoughts, emotions, and actions now above the personal level and release the into the source level.

I now free myself fully to love my life according to the highest and best of my personal and collective Akashic Record and the collective of God.

I place this lovingly in the care of the Creator of the Akash and Source energy.

And so it is.

This is an excerpt form "the Confident Empath, A complete Guide to Multidimensional Empathing and Energetic Protection" by Suzaqnne Worthley

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