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I am in central time zone in the US, World Clock

I absolutely LOVE my Angel portrait.  It's beautiful and breathtaking. This is so powerful for me.   I also wanted to share that I heard my Angels whispers when I was doing energy work on a very spiritually connected friend of mine.  I heard with my physical ears not my mind's ears.  It was really incredible.  It was truly profound. 

I believe your work helped to dissolve a veil that existed and now I am in FULL communication.  I talk to them everyday and I feel their input, help and presence. I am so grateful Spirit lead me to you.  YOU are a gift. 
Thank you CD

Thank you so much for the beautiful soul growth reading, I slept a deep and restful sleep last night and woke this morning able to breathe much deeper, essentially you helped to dispel some of the fears around my path. I am very grateful for your support and care. With love and joyous wishes in this season of goodwill, xxx

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