about Susan

Susan is an Intuitive Visionary Artist.  After near death experiences as a child Susan was given the ability to see into the Angelic Realms allowing her see the angels in their pure light form. She uses this ability to draw your Angels Portrait and relay messages and insights from your angels.


Susan is also the Artist/Author of the Solfeggio Mandala Activation Guides & Meditation Decks assisting us to realign with our original blueprint. She also creates healing art with a conscious heart from her visions during meditation. This is her way of connecting with the divine and to assist humanity to do the same and recognize the divine within ourselves and each other.


Mission / Vision

Art is my spiritual practice, considering myself to be an Intuitive Visionary Artist creating Sacred Art and Divine Space. Using art and sound as a way to connect with the Divine and with the Universe, with the intention of helping others to recognize the divine within themselves.


How can one truly explain their connection with the Divine and the Universe at large, this is something that can only be felt with a conscious heart.

Magazine Covers

2019 November, Evolving Magazine

2018 May, Evolving Magazine

2016 October, What if Magazine

2015 August, InnerChangeMag.com

2015 June, Evolving Magazine

2015 April, American Holistic Nurses Assoc. Member Magazine

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Seichim Reiki Master 2011 Kat Lyman

Seichim Reiki I & II 2010 Kat Lyman ​

Qantum-Touch 2006 Richard Gordon

Advanced EMF Practitioner 2004 Nancy Stubblefield ​

Basic EMF Balancing 2004 Nancy Stubblefield

Usui Reiki Master 2004 Karen Harrison

Advanced Reiki 2003 Karen Harrison

Reiki I & II 2002 Karen Harrison

During life saving surgeries at 4 & 6, I had what would now be called ‘childhood near death experiences’. During these experiences I was introduced to some of my own angels, in the most beautiful garden I have ever seen or experienced where I was accepted for exactly who I am without expectations and pure love.

After these experiences I was able to see my personal angels all the time, they have been my friends and my guides ever since. It didn’t take long to learn it was best not to talk about my experiences or what I saw and it just became a normal part of my life. Life was what I thought of as normal, I married and had 4 great kids. Living life and doing all the things we are expected to do as Wife and Mother.

Life continued to be fairly normal until January 1997. To be honest I am not sure how or why it happened but I noticed I was seeing more angles than I ever had before, it didn’t take long to understand that I was now seeing the angels of everyone around me. I was asked, maybe told is a better word, to use this gift to draw what I was seeing to help others connect with their angels and inner guidance.

Over time to make day to day life easier I learned to turn the volume down a little, allowing me to see angles as clouds of light and color that is constantly moving similar to glitter in a snow globe. I have also learned to use photos to see the angels with others as long, as I can see the eyes, allowing me to help as many people as possible to make the connection with their angels. I have recently added Zoom as a way to connect with clients.

I have continued to expand my artistic abilities and in 2010 started playing with mandalas. In 2011 I was introduced to the Solfeggio frequencies and ask to create mandalas for 6 of the earthly frequencies. Being who I am this peaked my curiosity and I started doing research  and learning there is actually 81 frequencies, 9 sets of 9, to assist us through our evolutionary development, each set of the frequencies assisting us along on each step of our journey of growth and expansion. Each set taking us and assisting us in the next level, dimension or frequency.

As I continue to work and create the Solfeggio Mandalas, I understand my connection with the frequencies on a deeper and deeper level with each mandala. And during a spiritual experience, I was shown life times spent not only working with the Solfeggio Frequencies and the crystal singing bowls during times of great change on our planet, but also as one of the Guardians of the Solfeggio and continue to work with the Guardians to share these powerful frequencies with those who are ready and open.

I am also continuing to create original drawings, watercolor and acrylic paintings to bring my visions and spirit inspired creations into being.


Spirit Eye Gallery

Crescent Springs


Art Shows

2022 Jan, George Schlegel Gallery @ Roeland Park City Hall

2022 Jan to present Road to Shambala inside Painted Tree D7

2021 Feb, KCAC Auction

2021 May - Dec, Xiphium

2020 August-October, Hagoya

2019 Dec, Celebration! @ Buttonwood Art Space

2019 Feb- 2021, Featured Artist @ Crescent Springs

2019 Feb, KCAC Auction

2018 Dec, Holiday Art Showcase @ InterUrban ArtHouse

2018 Sept-May, @ Lotus Yoga & Wellness Spa

2018 Mar, Hands that Heal @ InterUrban Art House

2018 Feb, KCAC Auction

2017 June to 8/19, InterUrban Art House, Overland Park KS, 

2017 August, Mana Tea Bar, Lawrence KS

2016 April, Unity Temple on the Plaza, Art Hall

2016 February, The Wellness Wheel, Kansas City MO

2016 Jan-April, Blue Lotus Integrative Therapies, Lawrence KS

2015 October, A Walk Among the Arts, InterUrban ArtHouse

2015 October, Molly Roberts Studio, Excelsior Springs MO

2015 Aug-Sept, Darling Yoga, Overland Park KS

2015 July-Sept, Eden Ally, Kansas City MO

2015 January, Backroom Gallery, Independence MO

2014 November, Aquarius Books, Kansas City MO

2014 October, Café Gratitude, Kansas City MO

2014 August, Broadway & Penn, 1st Friday in Cross Roads



2019 March Guest Speaker @ GUILDit

2016 Visionary Product from COVR - Coalition of Visionary Resources

2015 Visionary Product from COVR - Coalition of Visionary Resources