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Reasons to Talk With Your Angels


  1. Learn more about yourself and the reasons you choose to have this physical experience.

  2. Love yourself as you begin to see yourself through your Angel's eyes. Treat yourself the way you imagine your angel would treat you, your health will improve and your life will be better.

  3. Release attitudes and beliefs that that are holding you back from attaining your goals. When you consistently feel your Angel's words of support and encouragement, there'll be no stopping you. You can also tell your Angel what's bothering you.

  4. Follow your dreams. Give yourself a minute, right now, to daydream. Invite your Angel to accompany you on your flight of fancy.

  5. Use your imagination to create the future you desire by going over possibilities with your angels.

  6. With your Angel whispering in your ear, just think of the great things the two of you are working on together right now, think of a talent of yours that you'd really like to use more. Talk your Angel about it.

  7. Receive assistance from your Angel, you'll never find yourself "out on a limb", all alone ever again. Think of something you'd love to have help with. Ask your Angel to give you direction. Listen for the answer.

  8. Gain skills. You'll be motivated to try more, do more, and learn more as you'll feel far more confident than you've ever felt before. Tell your Angel what you'd like to learn more about!

  9. Improve your relationships with others. By asking your angel to communicate with their angels t ensure that what is said is taken the way it is intended, with love and the highest good of all.

  10. To be certain of the quality and accuracy of the messages you hear, you won't have to rely on anybody else's opinion ever again unless you choose to. Make a pact with your Angel that you'll talk honestly and openly and really listen to each other.

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