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Creating Angelic Sigils

It doesn't take to much research to figure out that there are multiple ways to create Angel Sigils. But first I must give a warning. This is not a practice you should take lightly. This is a practice that goes back to at least the time of King Solomon who is said to have used sigils to trap both demons and angels to do his bidding.

Sigils are representations taking the form of unique symbols, of elements in magical practices. They may represent Angels, Spirits, Djinn or even thoughts and actions.

That being said benefits can be, can help in communication with the angels and energies you wish to work with.

I like to use a piece of tracing paper on top of the sigil template, this is personal choice. I have found it more effective to spell the name from right to left, using the example below using the name of Michael. Starting at L-EA-CH-I-L. Drawing a dash at the L then a line to EA, the example here uses the jewish spelling of Michael and goes to KH instead of CH, this is a personal choice, continue drawing the the line to the I and ending on the M where you draw a small circle. It is now up to you if you choose to decorate the sigil in your personal style including using color.

So as not to trap the angels I destroy the sigil as soon as I have completed my work, I typically destroy the paper by fire.

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