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Solfeggio Crystal Bowl Meditations, Fairs & More

When attending Crystal Bowl Meditations: 

at Lotus Yoga please see their website to reserve your spot.

Through the beautiful sounds of quartz singing bowls, Susan Walter

will take us on a soul journey connecting you with the multi-verse.

Imagine being completely immersed within the soothing, nourishing

and healing sound vibrations of the Solfeggio Crystal Singing bowls.

The transformative power of these sacred instruments rests in

harmonic tones and frequencies that create an environment for

expanding personal and planetary consciousness as well as

induce a sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Bring a blanket and pillow, so you can be as comfortable as

possible if you wish to lie down.


1) Doors will be locked once meditation has begun to respect the energy of the space created, no exceptions.

2) If the person next to you is snoring please gently touch them to bring them back into the present

3) Children must be able to sit quietly for 45 minutes

4) Please no pets as some people are allergic

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