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The Pleiadian Solfeggio Frequencies conncet you to a group of stars known as the Seven Sisters known collectively as the Pleiades, and with your starseed self and/or others. The Pleiadian Solfeggios are tools to help us perfected the expression of unconditional love and the guidance from of those here to assist us.

Angels = Color = Frequency = Sacred Geometry = Solfeggio = Light Language


Includes Solfeggio Frequencies:

135 - Karmic Reset

246 - Remembering 

357 - Opening of the Heart

468 - New Beginnings

579 - DNA Awakening

681 - Connection

792 - Awareness

813 - Spiritual Journey

924 Unity

Solfeggio Mandala Adult Coloring Book, Pleiadian

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    • Coloring is a meditation in it self
    • Gaze at the image during open eye meditation
    • Hold to different parts of the body during meditation
    • Charging crystals, water, essential oils etc.
    • Creating Crystal Grids & Healing Vortex
    • Under pillow while sleeping
    • Under healing table during healing sessions
    • Pull a fequency to support you through the day, week, month and or year

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