Our DNA is our link to the Matrix. It is time to turn the Matrix and use it( instead of letting it use us). Shift the use of the Matrix to create the world that serves us and our true nature of unity, caring and love.

We are the Star seeds of Light, we agreed to forget who we are when born as humans. Many of us c
ame with a special mission to serve humanity in some way. We are now awakening to who we truly are and sense that something spectacular is about to happen. We are here to assist humanity in the awakening process by being who we are and shining our light.

Solfeggio Mandala 567Hz, DNA Link

  • The Orion Solfeggio Frequencies in combination with Mandala's are a powerful tool to connect with the supportive energy of the Starseeds & the energies of the constellation of Orion. Take the journey into to the light and transform your connection with your true self. 

    Angels = Color = Frequency = Sacred Geometry = Solfeggio = Light Language

  • It can take up to 2 weeks for delivery as I use a print on demand service.