What you believe about yourself and this world will be true to your reality. You have total control over your whole life and your destiny, so it's not a case of how life treats you but how you make life happen for you, how you choose to react to the events and people around you.

We all want to better the lives of those around us, but you cannot make positive changes with negative beliefs. Our beliefs are a collection of thoughts that have been repeated so many times that they become a belief, and in time will come true in our world.

Universal law states that negative thoughts and beliefs will evoke negative emotions whilst positive thoughts will evoke positive feelings, so the key is positive believing. If your thoughts are coming from a negative state and you use affirmations or visualizing then you will be wasting your time, because it is the feelings that make the belief powerful and true. You must feel it first before it can manifest itself into an experience. By releasing old beliefs that no longer serve you, you will be able to tap into your limitless capabilities and take control of your life. Instead of following old beliefs and the thoughts of others, you can begin living your life on your terms.

Solfeggio Mandala 318Hz, Release from belief systems

  • The Divine Solfeggio Frequencies take you to a place to a deeper connection with the divine, and with yourself, allow us to unshackle ourselves from the frailties we experience in our human form. The Divine Solfeggios are tools to get beyond the physical and truly delve into our spiritual natures. For to know the divine you must know yourself to know yourself you must know the divine.


    Angels = Color = Frequency = Sacred Geometry = Solfeggio = Light Language

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