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Archangel Michael

One of the most renowned and admired Archangels, Archangel Michael is a powerful force of protection and divinity. He’s the leader of Angels and banisher of all negativity and ill will that interferes with humanity. He’s also the only Angel mentioned by name in all three of the world’s most sacred texts.

Archangel Michael whose name in Hebrew literally means: “Who is as God”.

His main responsibility in The Garden of Eden was to keep his eyes on Adam and Eve. Archangel Michael also teaches Adam how to farm. And he is the one who persuades God to let Adam’s soul to go to Heaven when he dies. Also, you can find out more about this in the apocryphal Book of Adam and Eve.

In the Testament of Abraham, Michael is described as the angel who guides our souls to the next world. Therefore, Michael was the one who told Abraham that he is going to die. The archangel also took Abraham on a tour around the world as a result of his last wish.

An angel who called himself “Angel of the Lord” appeared to Sarah, Abraham’s wife. This angel is believed to be Michael. He delivered the miraculous message that Sarah bears a son.

At the age of only thirteen, Joan of Arc was hearing and also seeing Archangel Michael. He didn’t only guide and encourage her, but also suggested the flag she carried.

Pope Leo XIII had a vision about Archangel Michael. He battled Satan and sent him back to Hell. As a result of this vision, Pope Leo XIII wrote the famous prayer to St. Michael.

The title “archangel,” meaning “chief of the angels,” Archangel Michael is chief of the angelic armies.

How to Call Upon Archangel Michael

If you are wanting to connect with Michael the Archangel, remember that he is a highly evolved spiritual being and Master of Christ Light. In other words, approach him with the respect, reverence and humility you would a highly evolved spiritual master living as a physical being.

With this in mind, he is very approachable and can help support you in many areas of your experience so you can be of service at a higher level, and live a more fulfilling, rewarding, joyful and enlightened existence, day by day making progress to bring more truth and light to the surface of your experience.

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