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Solfeggio Harmonics

Do. Re. Mi. Fa. So. La. Ti. Do. This is Solfeggio Harmonics, expressed as syllables. While seemingly simplistic, the simplicity of the system is incredibly profound. In fact, it holds the key to the unfolding of creation - where creation is defined as the particular process and "order of stages" through which Being moves into Becoming.

The Solfeggio Harmonics Tradition, brought from the ancient world into Medieval Europe by way of Islamic contributions, reveals how the No-Thing of Consciousness became the Something of "Life". This revelation of how we unfolded into existence is imparted through the seven-note diatonic musical scale and the Solmization of each note.

The Solmizations as they are now sung (in North America and most European countries) are largely familiar as a child's song, or perhaps a teaching tool, and to a fewer number as the descendant of the Gregorian Chants, such as the famed 8th Century hymn of St. John the Baptist (which certainly preserves a great portion of the Tradition). However, while credit is due the French for developing and standardizing the exoteric functions of the system, the esoteric components of the Gregorian chants themselves came from the Arabic system of Durr-i-Mufassal ("the string of pearls"), which itself came from the Persians, which came from Hindu teachings on "celestial music and harmonies".

The Solfeggio Tradition is in perfect alignment with the Tree of Life, which likewise reveals the process and "order of stages" of consciousness unfolding into Awareness and expanding through increasingly dense expressions of experiential reality (i.e. Creation). On the Tree we find the seven notes of the diatonic scale in the deeper realities of the seven "Double Letters", and as the Septenary Law on which we are formed. Sound is Consciousness is ALL gradients of Life expression. And the Solfeggio preserves the pattern through which these can be understood.

While perhaps initially surprising, it can be well demonstrated that the first verses of the Book of Genesis provide a summary of Creation modeled on sound and geometry that aligns fully with our most forward-thinking sciences. The revelation of the first six letters alone is astounding - but that will be another page!

In its formulary, in no uncertain terms (and even rather directly), it tells us that sound is a generative organ, producing all visible form, beginning with Light. What's more, it also clearly states that ahead of visible forms, sound generates a resonance that awakens (or "stirs to motion") and associates all possible Life forms. In other words, as the three Mothers demonstrate - Sound unfolds Life unfolds Light.

The progressive revelation in the verses through geometric form is largely centered around the creation of the hexagram (i.e. the symbol or "Star" of Union), and its development. From the contraction of a point, through Six "Days" of Work (expansion), to one Day of Rest (the return to contraction and concentration). While of Sound we learn of the incredible formula driving the interplay between the limitless and the limited - where each odd number presents a new (limitless) tone and each even number is responsible for resonating the (limited) particularity of the tone.

Thus we are given a strand of seven pearls - a chain of potentials. The first "Day" contains the gamut - the whole potential - of the other notes. Each note, resonate (or in sympathetic reflection) of the Day above. Thus odd-numbered Days clearly refer to celestial creation or the limitless, while even-numbered Days clearly reference the limited particulars of Earth. The idea is echoed through the concept of the Higher and Lower Awareness of the Individual, and the so-called "Greater" and "Smaller" duality of Mind. It is "As Above, so Below" in action…the way motion occurs without friction - through resonance, reflection, and duplication.

Because it is the six-days of unifying action which return us a "Heavenly portion"; because it is an even number that must unfold physical density - six of the notes are given focus, six of the notes establish the Harmonic, in that they are integral multiples of the same base frequency...


The Center Point - The Whole Pattern. C

Now sung "DO". The first tonic note of the scale, containing the Whole Gamut of potential of the scale. The preparatory tone. On the "1st Day" = the Darkness hiding the point of Knowledge. On the "2nd Day" = the Firmament in the midst of the Waters. Relates to DA'ATH on the Tree of Life (the Knowledge Seed) and thus Pluto. Therefore also pertains to the Root chakra and the lesser octave of Pluto, Mars, and to the Desire for Intimate Knowledge.


The Motion of Organization. D

Potentials made manifest. Sound as syllable and Word. On the "1st Day" = the Breath upon the Waters. On the "3rd Day" = all the elements are produced, gathering by "like-kind", and there-by multiplying. Relates to the "spiraling breath" which divides Fire and Water, Being and Becoming. Thus relates to the third sphere on the Tree of Life, CHOKMAH (the Wisdom of Above and Below), and to Uranus (i.e. Heaven). Also pertains to the Will chakra and the lesser octave of Uranus, the Sun. This is Being, Actualized; ultimately toward the Heavenly spheres. The motion that brings forth the Light.


The Circle. E

Also known as "the Extraordinary Change". The True Beginning, called "the Key to it All". Possibility. On the "1st Day" = Let there be the Light of Life. On the "4th Day" = Let there be Lights in the Firmament. This is the Light of Life; this is the Pure Becoming of Potential. Relates to KETER on the Tree of Life (Awareness; the Progenitor of All Creation), and so to Neptune. Also pertains to the Crown chakra and to the lesser octave of Neptune, Jupiter.


The Hexagon. F

Six-points marked around a circle and connected give rise to all the various forms of Becoming. On the "1st Day"= Division and Judgment. On the "5th" Day = Creatures made in accord to their appropriate realm. On the Tree of Life this is BINAH (Understanding) and thus, Saturn. Relates to the individualized vessel and perspective which give the underlying form to the physical Nature.


The Hexagram. G

The Opening of the Way. On the "1st Day"= Solution. On the "6th Day"= Release of the Light from the Darkness. Dissolution and Coagulation. Union. On the Tree of Life this is TIF'ERET (Beautiful Power) and thus the Sun. Relates to the correlation of Heart and Mind, Being and Becoming, Within and Without.


The Hexagon within the Hexagram. A

The Divine Power (i.e. the first tonic note) fully expressed. On the "1st Day" = Absolution. On the "7th Day"=Rest. On the Tree of Life, GEVURAH (Strength) and thus Mars. Not surprisingly, Mars is associated to the Letter 'P' or Peh, which implies the mouth and lips. Rest is the same as Empowerment because it allows for the "breaking down" and processing of what was learned in the previous cycle of activity.

We, the Prisoners of Limitation, seek the full potential of our release, byresonating with the fiber of our Being, the same Miracles of Creation. Dissolve the body from our coagulated Spirit, release us from our transgressions by expanding our vocal power!

The "secret" within these Solmizations is that Sound is the Power behind all forms of expression. Intent, expressed as Sound, shapes the Universe, and Intimate Universal Knowledge is accessible through Sound. Intent begins withthe Desire to Know and is resolved when we can rest in that Knowledge, having explored the full gamut of that Desire's expression, experience, and Becoming.

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