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Balancing Left /Right Hemispheres of the Brain

One side of the brain is not better than another. One needs both sides to fully realize God, and to clear away negative ego. The keys here are striving for balance, integration and moderation in all things at all times.

Left Brain

  • Logical

  • Deductive Reasoning

  • Rational

  • Verbal

  • Physically observable

Right Brain

  • Imagination

  • Dreaming

  • Intuitive

  • Psychic

  • Creative

  • Inductive thinking

  • Asking and listening

The left dominant:

  • argues logically and always has an answer for everything

  • is future oriented

  • never has time and races towards a heart attack

  • anybody awareness is foreign

  • ignores any physical symptoms

  • is nervous, restless, hectic, wound up, sometimes euphoric

  • but learns quickly under direction to improve the condition

  • has a tendency towards hypochondria

  • doesn't know what to do with inner visions and feelings

  • The left dominant type likes to be in leadership roles and high management positions. They are task oriented, result oriented, like to work with a list of things to be done. In order to be happy, they need success and recognition, but also order and structure. They have a very rigid vision of their own identity and their goals.

  • problem solving approach: the left dominant type solves problems logically, analytically, step by step. Prefers numbers and facts in a logical sequence. Is interested in technology, finances and accounting, learns from dealing with facts. Easy to be hypnotized.

The right dominan:

  • talks in feelings, but often in the negative

  • is past oriented

  • tries all kinds of therapies and abandons them again

  • nothing satisfies, is depressive, moody, emotionally unstable and feels sorry for her/him-self

  • is self-destructive, always expects the worst

  • slow learner to improve inner and physical conditions, often frustrating to other

  • many people of this type are very charismatic and extroverted

  • they search for fun activities, like painting, making music, work in the garden, being creative. They think of many things simultaneously, start many activities, need a lot of space. Have a high ability to express themselves, are communicative, often spiritual and inventive, inspire others with their ideas and also get easily inspired by others, are wordy and suggestive.

  • as a child are difficult to educate, because they often have difficulties to distinguish between right and wrong. Under duress, they lack a sense of self-identity, are incapable to separate feelings from ideas. It is easy to get into a panic and react with helplessness and little self-control. Under constant stress, obesity and hedonism are a problem. Often they believe in destiny and coincidence, without human intervention. When they have a chronic or life threatening illness, tend to be fatalistic.

  • solves problems intuitively, with a sense for the whole. Is open for new ideas and developments, learns from action and observation.

There are a number of things you can do to help balance your left and right hemispheres. Working with the Solfeggio Frequencies is the best way in my opinion, my favorite is working with either them Meditation Decks or coloring with the Mandala Activation Guides I have created. If you feel like you need more assistance with this a tuning fork session with the solfeggio frequencies is also very helpful with balancing the hemispheres of the brain.

Music played with drums made with animal skins, Native American, African, Celtic, the drum beat can be helpful. I also feel strongly that the Solfeggio Frequencies can help as well you can find several options on YouTube to sample. Even having it playing so softly that you do not audible here the music is just as effective.

I always highly recommend meditation.

Some have found this exercise helpful.

  1. While standing, with your hands hanging loosely by the sides of the body, shift your weight from one hip to the other, as if moving to music.

  2. Let your arms sway with your body. There will be a natural figure-eight movement with your body and arms as you sway from side to side.

  3. Let your arms sway farther out and stretch your hands out in front of you while you make a sideways figure eight with your arms.

  4. Sway your arms up and over to the right, circle down, then up and over to the left, circle down, then back up and over to the right.

  5. Twist at the waist in the direction you are reaching with your arms, allowing the body's rhythm to move with your arms.

  6. This should feel more like a dance than an exercise.

Energy Work like Reiki, massage, accupuncture etc.

Balancing Chakras with Sound & Chanting

Hindu - Sanskrit Seed Syllables Tones from Djwal Khul Tibetan Buddhism

LAM C Root O (oh) red VAM D Sacral SHU (shuck) orange

RAM E Solar Plexus YA (yawn) yellow

YAM/SAM F Heart WA (way) green

HAM G Throat HE (he) blue Hung

OM A 3rd Eye HU (hue) indigo Ah

AUM B CrownI (eye) violet Om


Balances the brain, Hematite, Moss Agate, Lithium Quartz, Pyrite, Sugilite

Stimulates the right brain, Amethyst

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