Angel Portrait - YWRB

  • 1 hour
  • via Zoom, link will be sent day before appointment

Service Description

Receiving your Guardian Angel Portrait is only the beginning. Your angel will lead you down a path of self discovery, one which reveals qualities and strengths you didn't know you had and transforms your life assisting you in realizing your goals and dreams for the future. Each drawing holds its own inspirational and healing energy carrying a very high vibration. I will send a zoom link the morning of the scheduled meeting. Color Interpretations Aqua - multi-task, organized, influence others, delegate Black - protection, breaking bad habits & addictions Blue - communicating, faith, trust, clarity, integrity, creative, loyalty, devotion Brown - grounding, solid, increases decisiveness & concentration Copper or Bronze - success, passion Gold - completion, interaction with source, creativity Gray - neutralizing negative influences Green - healing, teaching, renewal or change, abundance, calming, harmony, balance, hope Magenta - life purpose or path Orange - sensitivity, compassion, harmonizing, charm, optimism Pink - caring, nurturing, friendship, peace, emotional healing Purple - spiritual activity/information, therapeutic healing & protection, inspiration, psychic abilities Red - passion, leadership qualities, strong wills, vitality, determination, independence Silver - balance between male and female, rebirth, intuition, psychic abilities White - spiritual development, conscious protection, healing, purification & cleansing at all levels, Yellow - intelligence, scientific minded, independent, cheerfulness, clarity

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling is always available with 24 hour or more advance notice via email. With out advanced notice there is a 50% rebooking fee, contact me to reschedule.

Contact Details

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