Angel Portrait - YWRA

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Service Description

Color Interpretations Aqua - multi-task, organized, influence others, delegate Black - protection, breaking bad habits & addictions Blue - communicating, faith, trust, clarity, integrity, creative, loyalty, devotion Brown - grounding, solid, increases decisiveness & concentration Copper or Bronze - success, passion Gold - completion, interaction with source, creativity Gray - neutralizing negative influences Green - healing, teaching, renewal or change, abundance, calming, harmony, balance, hope Magenta - life purpose or path Orange - sensitivity, compassion, harmonizing, charm, optimism Pink - caring, nurturing, friendship, peace, emotional healing Purple - spiritual activity/information, therapeutic healing & protection, inspiration, psychic abilities Red - passion, leadership qualities, strong wills, vitality, determination, independence Silver - balance between male and female, rebirth, intuition, psychic abilities White - spiritual development, conscious protection, healing, purification & cleansing at all levels, Yellow - intelligence, scientific minded, independent, cheerfulness, clarity

Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling is always available with 24 hour or more advance notice via email. With out advanced notice there is a 50% rebooking fee, contact me to reschedule.

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