Orion Solfeggio Frequencies move into the realm of seeking your purpose as a spiritual being having a physical experience. Remember that we have lessons to learn and new things to experience, which is all part of having the physical experience. Acknowledged our intent doesn't mean everything is going to fall into place without effort. Being kind and true with others as well as ourselves.

Angels = Color = Frequency = Sacred Geometry = Solfeggio = Light Language


Includes Solfeggio Mandalas:

123 - Karmic Balance

234 - Remembering the way Home

345 - Opening to Change

456 - Changing Light Source

567 - DNA Link

678 - Revealing Connections

789 - Awakening Awareness

891 - Spiritual Journey Within

921 Unity with Self

Solfeggio Mandala Adult Coloring Book & Meditation Deck, Orion