We call on YOU to remember your fifth dimensional expression of SELF, who is assisting Gaia from your Homeworld and/or from one of the many Starships who circle Gaia to protect and assist Her. It is time for you to remember that you are actually a Multidimensional Being, a higher expressions of your own Multidimensional SELF, where you are capable of so much more, without limitations.

Your fifth dimensional conscious self resonates beyond all limitations of time and space. You can experience EVERY reality you have ever had on Gaia within the fifth dimensional NOW. Within that NOW, you can heal all incarnations on Earth that you have ever taken, through your fifth dimensional Unconditional Love. Once these incarnations have been healed, you can transmute them back into your innate higher frequency of SELF.

Please remember that the fifth dimension is NOT a place as we understand it. The fifth dimension is a frequency of reality.

YOU can experience that reality by expanding your consciousness, and thus your perceptions into the frequency patterns of the fifth dimension. Remember, the fifth dimension has ALWAYS been there, just beyond your perception. As you expand your consciousness, you expand your perception. It is with your expanded consciousness that you will not only perceive but create your higher dimensional planet, Creators...Create.......

Solfeggio Mandala 912Hz, Healing Self

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  • The Orion Solfeggio Frequencies in combination with Mandala's are a powerful tool to connect with the supportive energy of the Starseeds & the energies of the constellation of Orion. Take the journey into to the light and transform your connection with your true self. 

    Angels = Color = Frequency = Sacred Geometry = Solfeggio = Light Language

  • It can take up to 2 weeks for delivery as I use a print on demand service.