We perceive Reality through our senses. This convinces us that the way in which we experience the world around us is exactly the way it exists. However the true nature of Reality, is not experienced through this superficial perception of the world and the limitations of the five senses. The super natural of the universe and beyond.


We normally live in a shadow of what truly is. Let go of all past perceptions about a bland three-dimensional Reality that you have been living in. Understand your new experiences, and embrace the upgraded reality you are undoubtedly becoming aware. See the incredible magic that you are a part of, you are multidimensional just as everything else is. Welcome to our new upgraded Reality

Solfeggio Mandala 714Hz, Embrace Awareness

Limited Editions
  • The Cygnus Solfeggio Frequencies in combination Mandala's is a powerful tool to awaken our consciousness, activate DNA and prepare the body for reawakening of the heart connection. Activate the cells with geometric patterning that heightens your interconnectivity to carry more information, light and energy. Every cell becomes a portal. As this happens, corrections and adjustments in the electrical fields and meridians that have been out of attunement occur, and the whole body benefits as it aligns with the new paradigm. 


    Angels = Color = Frequency = Geometry = Solfeggio = Language of Light​

  • Canvas Prints may take an additional week for delivery.

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