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Your life is all you can imagine—you only need remember how to accomplish it.


Deep in the very core of your being, you already know all the answers. You need only to allow yourself to remember. When these memories are integrated into your heart and soul, you will again know how wonderful and powerful you really are and that you are on this earthly walk to fulfill a unique purpose.


Remember your life from a new perspective and visualize healing effects in all aspects of your life. Whenever you are afraid of something ahead of you on your path, visualize the situation coming to completion with a positive outcome. Take the time to think about the things you truly desire. Complaining manifests things to complain about, blame manifests something to blame others for. Create a new outcome.

Solfeggio Mandala 261Hz, Visualize a New Reality

PriceFrom $15.00
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  • Universal Solfeggio Frequencies assist us to step into your higher purpose and relish the opportunity to expand consciousness and joy. Reminding us to trust our inner core and nature as you experience life; get out of your body.

    Angels = Color = Frequency = Sacred Geometry = Solfeggio Frequencies = Light Language

  • Prints are High-Quality Photo Prints and are Limited Edition only 250 will be printed.

    It can take up to 2 weeks for delivery for prints as I use a print on demand service.

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