What does your Angel have to say to YOU?


Receiving your Guardian Angel Portrait is only the beginning. Your angel will lead you down a path of self discovery, one which reveals qualities and strengths you didn't know you had and transforms your life assisting you in realizing your goals and dreams for the future. Each drawing holds its own inspirational and healing energy carrying a very high vibration.


Color Interpretations

Aqua -  multi-task, organized, influence others, delegate

Black -  protection, breaking bad habits & addictions

Blue -  communicating, faith, trust, clarity, integrity, creative, loyalty, devotion

Brown -  grounding, solid, increases decisiveness & concentration

Copper or Bronze - success, passion

Gold - completion, interaction with source, creativity

Gray -  neutralizing  negative influences

Green -  healing, teaching, renewal or change, abundance, calming, harmony, balance, hope

Magenta -  life purpose or path

Orange  - sensitivity, compassion, harmonizing, charm, optimism

Pink -  caring, nurturing, friendship, peace, emotional healing

Purple -  spiritual activity/information, therapeutic healing & protection, inspiration, psychic abilities

Red -  passion, leadership qualities, strong wills, vitality, determination, independence

Silver -  balance between male and female, rebirth, intuition, psychic abilities

White -  spiritual development, conscious protection, healing, purification & cleansing at all levels,

Yellow -  intelligence, scientific minded, independent, cheerfulness, clarity


Number Interpretations - Numberology

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Calculated by adding up the numbers in your angels name. For example, Adam would be 1 for A, 4 for D, 1 for a, and 4 for m. Then these numbers together 1+4+1+4=10. Now you add the two digits of 10 together as 1+0=1.The exception to this would when these add up to one of the master numbers of 11, 22, 33 etc.

  • beginnings, unique, progress, pioneering, organized, self-reliant, original, tenacious, authoritative
  • diplomat, insightful, sensitive, decisive, intuitive, cautious, considerate, sociable
  • intelligent, broad-minded, spontaneous, creative, sensitive, adventurous, manifestor
  • practical, loyal, determination, conscientious, self-control, patience
  • multi-talented, free-thinking, fast moving, resourceful, understanding, idealistic
  • responsible, honest, charitable, faithful, protector, tolerant, combines intellect and imagination
  • keen mind, philosophical, technical, inventive, perfectionist, discerning
  • decisive, planner, ambitious, considerate, delegator, thorough
  • creative, sensitive, loyal, high ideals, discretion, problem-solver, visionary, compassionate, tolerant



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Guardian Angel Portrait

  • How do I purchase an Angel Portrait? If you are in the Kansas City area contact me and we will set up an appointment. If you are not in the Kansas City area, purchase your portrait here and email me a recent photo and you will receive your portrait in the mail within 3 weeks.


    Can you do it from a photo? Yes, A name and photo where I can see the eyes is all that is needed to begin the process of creating this unique framable piece of custom art. You will receive a name that allows you to deepen the connection with your angel and personal messages providing guidance and healing during life's changes and struggles.


    Why 9"x12" paper, can you do it larger? The angels like to to do things in 3's and numbers that are divisible by 3. That is why they choose the 9x12 paper.


    How many angels do I have?

    Everyone has at least 3. The more angels you have the more spiritual work you have to do.


    How do you know which angel to draw?

    They decide. I have learned to do what I call, turn the volume down, so I normally see your angels as clouds of color that is constantly moving, when I set down with the intention of drawing your angel portrait only one step forward taking shape, and defining color.


    Why are there bodies usually shaped the same?

    They are are always reaching out ready to share energy with you with an embrace.

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