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Each of the symbols in this painting have great meaning for me from the goddess in the middle to the moon phases on each side representing maiden, mother & crone, to the heart chakra symbol above and last the Shri Yantra at the bottom the symbol of the great divine mother principle, the source of all energy, power, and creativity.


The textures are cretated with sand from al local lake and/or the caribbean along with ash from the incense on my personal alter. These textures simulate the layers of paint and dirt I see on these images in the temple I am often taken to in meditation.


20x20x3 acrylic on quality stretched canvas with rose quartz

ready to hang, finished edge no need for framing

delicate matt varnish for protection from uv, dust and abrasion


If you are outside the USA mainland contact me for shipping info before ordering.



Gnosis of Sophia

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