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Each come with a Tibetan Silver Charm of ramndom design, either an angel, angel wing, feather etc.


Angelic Dust includes, Selenite

Used to clear energies, activate healing energies and bring the angels into your space.


Put a little on each hand & rub them together to jump start the energy before doing any kind of energy work or readings. Also rubbed it on massage table before/between healing sessions to clear the energy or sprinkled a little around a room, mostly corners to clear energy in a space.


Angelic Abundance Dust:  Selenite, Lode Stone, Pyrite, Amber

Sprinkle on your money to help create and spread abundance, clearing blockages to true abundance in all aspects of your life. 


Angelic Protection Dust: Selenite & Black Tourmaline

Sprinkle over door way, in window seals and/or in any openings to your space as you visualize angels of protection watching over you. Can also be used in your car, your work space or personal items.

Angelic Dust

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