Is A Time Travel Machine Based On Secret Ancient Egyptian Knowledge Hidden In London?

There are many intriguing time travel stories. One of the most puzzling accounts deals with Samuel Warner, a very brilliant but eccentric British inventor who some thinks designed a real time machine based on secret ancient Egyptian knowledge as well as an invisible shell.

The time machine is allegedly sealed in a granite mausoleum in Brompton Cemetery in west London. It is said that if the tomb is opened, it would reveal one of the greatest discoveries of all time – a fully functional time machine. So, why don’t we open the tomb and take a look what’s really inside?

One of the reasons why it hasn’t been done is because there are no keys to the time travel tomb.

The story goes back to Victorian times and contains all intriguing elements that would together make a good sci-fi movie, but what is almost everything is true?

Incredible Invisible Torpedo

Born in 1794, Samuel Alfred Warner was son of a sea captain and as a child he developed strong interest in various kind of inventions. As a young man, Warner contacted British Naval historian, John Knox Laughton and asked him if he could purchase the design for a certain device. Apparently, Warner started to experiment with the design and in time, he created a powerful device known as an invisible torpedo that could sink any ship into pieces.

Warner refused to show the actual device to anyone in the navy. He also refused to release design schematic unless the navy first forked out £200,000, which would be the equivalent of about £7 million today.

Whether his powerful weapon was taken seriously or not by the British navy is still unclear. According to some sources, his invisible torpedo was investigated by Duke of Wellington in cooperation with the navy’s ordnance department, but everything came to an end when Warner died.

Time Travel Machine Based On Ancient Egyptian Secrets

Samuel Warner was close friend with Joseph Bonomi the Younger, one of London’s most respected architects and Egyptologists.

Joseph Bonomi the Younger was son of Bonomi the Elder who was an important architect fascinated with history of ancient Egypt. In the village of Blickling near Norfolk Bonomi the Elder constructed a mausoleum in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid. There are many reports of reports of strange phenomenon around the curious structure which is the reason why it is often investigated by paranormal investigators.

Joseph Bonomi the Younger learned a lot about Egypt from his father and he became later curator at the British Museum and was widely recognized as one of the greatest Egyptologists in Great Britain.


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