"He-Of-The-Mighty-Bellows" stands guard at the highest point on the enclosure wall at Edfu. Urhemhem is the Egyptian name of this bull headed falcon, boding ill to anyone who tries to climb the enclosure wall. (This is written in the texts that surround the figure)

During restoration works in 1901, iron girders were placed above the damaged roofing slabs of the inner temple. Shortly thereafter a strange thing started to occur....a build up of energy that was released in sets of three loud booms, like a cannon shot, that shook the whole temple. It became apparent that it wasn't going to stop and was endangering the stability of the entire place. After two years of this phenomena, the iron girders were removed from above and put in combination with cement on the under side of the roofing slabs....no more booms after that. This was recorded in a book by Margaret Murray, Egyptologist, called Egyptian Temples. This was written in the following decade after the occurance, and no one talks about it now.

The heiroglyphic system of writing is based on root words which carry similar meanings. When I searched out the name of Urhemhem, "He-Of-The-Mighty-Bellows", I found that "ur" means 'great' and one rendering of 'hemhem', with the addition 'ut' meant "roaring of the earth, and earthquakes', which certainly fits the loud sounds and trembling of the temple. There are also two other gods who share the title "hemhem", one is benign and a god of singing, while the other is a thunder god, and you could also say the loud noises were very thunderous. The inscriptions at Edfu tell us the temple can be 'activated'. There is actually a verse carved into the wall that says 'to be said three times to activate the temple'. I'm reminded of the biblical story of the building of Solomon's temple, and how it was forbidden to use iron tools at the site....could this phenomena have been known to occur at other sacred sites? The main theme of the Edfu Temple is the contention between Horus and Set, their battles. The victory of Horus became a major festival that had a procession all the way to Behedet in Lower Egypt. There are four main animal symbols that occur at Edfu: the lion, the bull, the serpent, and the falcon, all of which represent powerful forces. Maybe there are more temples in Egypt that are sited on spots of earth's energy and capable of activation too. Sound and Resonance seem to be encoded into many of the ancient monuments and sites in Egypt. Edfu proves to us that an energy field underlies the region.

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