Twin Pyramids of Lake Moeris, Egypt

We see here a very rare, pre-1851 engraving of two pyramids described by the historical figure Herodotus during his brief visit to Egypt in 490 BCE.

▫Herodotus tells a tale of long lost twin Egyptian pyramids topped with enormous colossal seated statues. He describes these twin pyramids as being located in the center of an artificial lake created by a ruling figure he calls Moeris.

▫By Herodotus' own admission, he documented some of the 'sensational' tales he could decipher as a foreigner in the very short time he spent in Egypt. He could not read or speak the language of Egypt, therefore his accounts have been regarded as less than accurate.

▫However, Herodotus' outrageous tales about "Giant Gold Digging Furry Ants of the Far East" have actually been recently verified and explained as real. These gold digging giant furry ants are now actually known to be marmots that are actually still doing this same gold digging to this day.

▫All too often we dismiss what seem like ridiculous stories, to then later discover some sort of 'translation' discrepancy held us back from a revelation. In light of this suggestion I ask then, could there not also be a murmur of potential truth somewhere in this tale of lost twin pyramids topped by colossal statues?

▫Well, as any true Ancient Enthusiast, I hold fast to the fantastic possibility that this tale holds some truth while also fully realizing there will, in all likelihood, never be a way to know for sure.

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