Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations

for Inner Knowledge Participants ONLY

Sample of Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl

Meditation: Heart Flow

Through the beautiful sounds of solfeggio quartz crystal singing bowls, Susan will take us on a soul journey connecting you with the multi-verse. Imagine being completely immersed within the soothing, nourishing and healing sound vibrations of the Solfeggio Crystal Singing bowls. The transformative power of these sacred instruments rests in harmonic tones and frequencies that create an environment for expanding personal and planetary consciousness as well as induce a sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

Chakra Balance

Includes a 8 minute meditation for relaxation and chakra clearing before the 38 minutes of the solfeggio crystal singing bowls.

Solfeggio Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation

Heart Flow

Is 50 minues of the solfeggio crystal singing bowls.

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